What’s a Yooper?

Yoopers: “Those people who live in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan” ~ Wikipedia

Whether you hail from Marquette, Iron River, Iron Mountain, Escanaba, Houghton, Rock or even Drummond Island, you are by the ‘Grace of God’ a ‘Yooper’.

Annual Picnic

Approximately 70 Yoopers and friends attended the Yooper Picnic in September of 2023! This year’s picnic is on Sunday, September 22, 2024!

Read the report here.

More Picnic Details!

Meet Other Yoopers!

We hope you enjoy your website and continue to share it with other Yoopers you meet. This site will make it a little easier to stay in touch with each other, find out what’s going on and meet NEW Yoopers living here in Colorado. Join us on Facebook too (details at the bottom of page). Thanks for your support!

Those of us who have moved away from up der in da north probably only have plenty of fond memories of our years growing up there. Perhaps we remember those bitter cold winters complete with snow banks taller than cars or of being chased off of that favorite fishing stream by a cloud of ‘skeeters’ or deer flies. Maybe it was that winter, that was so cold, everybody’s plumbing froze up.    

But we also hold on to other memories from the U.P. such as a little slower pace of life, our friends and families back there, that unique cuisine (pasties, smoked fish & squeaky cheese) we miss so much and the beauty of our lakes and woodlands (especially in the fall). We probably shouldn’t forget all those jokes and stories told around hunting camps either!  

Those memories we hold so dear to us gives us the right to still call ourselves ‘Yoopers’. May we always be truly grateful of this.