Upper Peninsula, Michigan



Upper Peninsula, Michigan

2017: Colorado Yoopers Announce $900 in Grants to U.P. Nonprofits

Dear Yooper friends,

We wanted to let you know that your executive committee has made donations totaling $900 to Upper Peninsula charities this year. We are excited that donating through the Portage Health Foundation allowed us to double the amount going to the charities to $1,800!  The charities receiving donations from the Yoopers this year are:

In addition, every year we get more requests than we can honor. This year there are three requests that we unfortunately could not support (listed below). We want you to know about them in case you can add one or more of them to your gift-giving list.  

Happy New Year to all!

Susan Thornton, Chair

Maple Ridge Township Kitchen Remodel Project

Our present goal is to remodel our community center so that it is a safe and pleasant place for gatherings. We are presently striving to remodel the kitchen.

The cabinets in the kitchen were hand built by volunteers well over 35 years ago. They served their purpose well but it is time to update them. The cabinet doors no longer shut tightly, the drawers stick and have a tendency to want to drop down and fall to the floor and there are spaces between the doors where critters and pests can get in. The counter tops needs to be replaced, the sink needs to be changed out, the marlite walls and marlite ceiling tiles need to come down and replaced with drywall with insulation added to the walls and ceiling and the electrical and plumbing need to be brought up to code.

To support the remodel of the kitchen in Maple Ridge Township, contact Judy Trudell at 906-356-6003, or j.w.trudell@charter.net.

Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency

The Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency is a 501(c)3 non-profit Community Action Agency serving primarily Dickinson and Iron Counties, however several of our programs do offer services in other UP counties. We have many programs ranging from delivering meals to the homebound to weatherizing homes for our bitter UP winters. Our typical clientele is seniors and people with low incomes. The goal of Community Action Agencies is to alleviate poverty. We strive to do that not only with our specific programs and services but through referrals to, and partnerships with, the other established community resources in our area. More than 2,500 people are helped each year with in-home senior aides, utility/fuel assistance, food distribution, preparation and filing of tax returns, assistance with veterans’ housing, and more

To support the work of the Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency, contact Kristin Sommerfeld at 906-774-2256, or ksommerfeld@dicsami.org.

Great Lakes Recovery – Dickinson County Communities that Care

We are finding times are changing in the once slow-paced, safe, laid-back Community of Dickinson County. Our children are showing high-risk behaviors and we see so many areas with gaps of services because of our location. Our suicide rates are increasing, drug usage, under-age drinking and high school dropout rates are at epic high rates. We have started a collaborative, Dickinson County Communities that Care. We have a suicide prevention and support group, a youth work group, a data group, we are working on bringing speakers into our community to talk about the drug epidemic, doing free counseling, offering the schools free mental health programs, anti- bullying , prime for life and guiding good choices. We focus on key finding that showed up in a youth survey done at all four school districts. We have a funding group always looking for ways to cover cost of programs we offer, supplies, and events for the youth.

To support Dickinson County Communities that Care, contact Tracy Johnson, 906-458-2627 or tjohnson@greatlakesrecovery.org

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