Upper Peninsula, Michigan



Annual Picnic

We hold an Annual Colorado Yoopers Picnic every fall.

2019 will be the 21st Anniversary for our group picnic! All Yoopers and "wannabees" are welcome. Join our email list by sending your email address to coloradoyoopers@gmail.com to keep updated with the details of the picnic. Please bring your own table service and beverages, as well as a salad and dessert to share.

The 21st Annual  Colorado Yoopers Picnic will be on Sunday, October 13, 2019!

Pelican Point shelter at Bear Creek Lake Park, 15600 W. Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO, 80465

Phone: (303)697-6159  

View photos from th e 2018 picnic.

See you in 2019!

Upper Peninsula, Michigan Join us for the Colorado Yoopers annual picnic at Sterne Park, Littleton, CO.

A special message from  Bill Vajda, City Manager, City of Marquette (www.mqtcty.org):

Hail Yoopers!

I'm sending this note to advise that no matter where you are, we know your heart belongs at home. Have a great time at this year’s picnic, and while you think of us, consider the attached blog entry that we ran recently in the "Marquette Matters" newsletter. As our front line ambassadors, we hope the great Yooper Diaspora is happy, successful, and full of SISU!




Colorado Yoopers, please mark your calendars for Oct. 13, 2019, as the date of the next Yooper Picnic!  This year we’ll have the Pelican Point shelter at Bear Creek Lake Park.  The shelter is larger and has a much larger parking lot than last year, so we shouldn’t have to fight to find places to park. Start saving your pennies now to buy more of those delicious pasties and support U.P. charities! And if you have run out of yummy pasties and can’t wait until October, Carl has some pasties available; call Carl’s office at 303-987-3626, or email him at carl@jcpfinancial.com.

All best Yooper wishes,

Susan and John Thornton



Carl Johnson


Ron and Elaine Kaminen